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    Alliance rules and forum rules

    Al Mualim Altaïr
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    Alliance rules and forum rules

    Post by Al Mualim Altaïr on Mon Sep 07, 2009 5:09 pm

    Alliance rules:
    1.Do not attack fellow members
    2.Do not attack bigger alliances than ours
    3.Do not give out information about us to any other alliance.
    4.Follow orders and advice.
    5.Must be active(unless you have a reason)

    Attack a fellow member 3 times and your out.
    Attack a fellow member and give information to anouther alliance and you will be kicked out and massed.
    Telling higher ranking members what to do will leave you on probation for 2 weeks to get yourself sorted.

    Forum rules:

    1.No swearing on the forum no matter what rank you are since theres little eyes looking along with pics and video's.
    2.Do not make fun of members spelling or the way they talk(unless they are being agressive and the HC will sort it out)
    3.Do not copy information of this forum to send to other alliances.
    4.You must spam Smile


    Be kicked out of forum and alliance and massed.

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