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    Al Mualim Altaïr

    Al Mualim Altaïr
    Al Mualim Altaïr
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    Al Mualim Altaïr

    Post by Al Mualim Altaïr on Mon Dec 14, 2009 1:41 pm

    I am Al Mualim Altaïr the leader of the empire called The Assassin Syndicate.

    Introduction(june 2007 to august 2009)

    The days of Altaïr started out very lonely in year 2007 getting bored of not getting very much uu,naq and friends during the first days of inter galactic travel.
    So he had 2 year break then came back in 2009 and created an alliance called Jedi Elite without much sucess and was convinced to join tauri recruits.

    Rising through the ranks(august 2009)

    In his new alliance he started to grow his army by raiding nearby systems and farming.In the past of 1 week or so he started to look at the alliance attack logs and noticed what he had got him self into.He decided to reduce the amount of attacks by sending peaceful stop attacking messages if they attacked 3 times or more.

    The leader of the tauri recruits was Harrier and 2ic Jack,the leader was impressed on what i was doing and promoted me to colonel of the recruits.I decided to continue what i was doing sending messages which some lead to massings and Altaïr was hurt bad.In about 2 weeks he had risen through the ranks to General by this time Jack was leader and harrier went away on vocation.

    King was doing even more now still sending messages and now was recruiting members which by that time Altaïr was so loyal he was trusted to have rank 2ic of tauri recruits.As Altaïr gained respect and friends he allowed to do more stuff but one lead to another massing which lead on for 2 months and the alliance had no way of defending it self and Altaïr decided to leave.

    The time of the Assassins(October 2009)

    When Altaïr was swinging from building to building looking for a new alliance he came across Warlords of Briton a strong and friendly alliance of men who will defend members no matter what the cost he stayed there for a good 4 or 5 days until they created an alliance called warriors of briton.

    The time when the Assassins started to grow(october 2009 to november 2009)

    As Altaïr was being welcomed to the new training alliance is was building up his uu and naq which at the time the massing what started in tauri recruits was still raging.When that massing was officailally over Altaïr ascended and was more powerful then ever before.He learnt how to sabb,properly mass a foe,how to use turns in the right way and gained alot of experience in the alliance and for the next of the days he ascended again and now with 24mil followers and 6 officers.In the alliance he was in a alliance war with valkrie for a short time and gained the war badge.

    The times where you have to move on(Late november to present day)

    Altaïr decided on the 1st of january he would split away from warriors of briton and head for angmar with his 8 followers who aid him in his cause and will have the alliances of
    The Assassin Syndicate

    Oregi Assassins(OA)(ascended alliance)
    Alphadi Killers(AK)(training alliance)
    Assassins of pergeri(AOP)(perg alliance)
    Obredsi Strikers(OS)(strike team alliance)
    Assassin Order(AO)(main alliance)

    The Altaïr and his followers will be growing and ascending to become more powerful until the date has come to leave.....

    To be continued.

    Never Harm an Innocent

    Never Compromise the Order

    Hide in Plain Sight

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